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Once you have logged in with your credentials, the procedure for opening a ticket for your product is quick and easy, allowing you to save time and enjoy a fast quality service. We remind you that, in order for the request to succeed, it is necessary to fill in all the available fields

  • Choose from the drop-down menu the type of service you want to receive between: Support, Spare Parts, Technical Documentation, Helpline, Inspection visit and Upgrade

  • Fill in the field below for a short description, so that our operators can immediately understand the nature of your request

  • Select the serial number of the UTECO machine for which you are requesting assistance from the drop-down menu

  • Provide a detailed description of the problem you’ve encountered, with the option of attaching photos or a demo video

  • Click on “Create” to open and send the request to the UTECO Service Desk

Upon successful request, the system will display summary of the ticket you’ve created


Our fast, safe, smart and user-friendly solution

  1. Summary: Type of ticket and subject of the report, represented in symbolic form

  2. Ticket ID: Unique identifier of the report

  3. Status and Information: Indication of the operator who took charge of the request, with the possibility of changing the priority or autonomously closing the report sent

  4. People: In addition to who opened the request, the system lists the people, the area manager and the agent involved in the process

  5. Details: Summary of the report sent

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